Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Zaza Box- Organic meals delivered to your doorstep !

Zaza box is a welcome change in this cacophony of carnivores that is the Millennium city- with its fresh vegetarian meals cooked with organic ingredients.Pre-cooked meals delivered to your doorstep hygienically packed is very alluring concept .Zaza claims to serve  zero cholesterol meals which I got to savour at a Zomato meet on Saturday along with some amazing company.

So kicking off the feast were some amazing starters comprising of Vietnamese rice paper rolls filled with julienned vegetables and fruits. The baked samosas were happily devoured since one didn’t have to worry about ingesting too many extra calories. The vegetarian sausage is an interesting high protein option and was a revelation of flavours. Their Indian option is named the  yogi box which scores less than 650 on the calorie meter. What was offered as Dal Makhani was a lighter version of the original without cream and butter, and yet managing to taste close to the original fare.This came with a brown rice and whole-wheat spinach rotis. Traveller box comprised of the purple beauty of a burger compressed between whole-wheat buns and  was delicious. This was served alongwith a mushroom and spinach pot pie which was made with a whole-wheat pastry base. All this came with some pan seared vegetables  for more health and crunch. The desserts comprised of mango cheesecake which is a faux version made of tofu, sweetened with jaggery and brown sugar yet very delectable.This was followed by the parfait with a base of dairy free yoghurt topped with loads of freshly cut fruits. Accompanying this awesome spread were some fabulous drinks- the nimbu-shikanji and the beetroot and pomegranate juice. For those diagnosed with gluten allergy, don’t U worry, They serve ragi brownie which can be had guiltfree.

Priced reasonably at Rs250 all inclusive Zaza appears to have a very bright future ahead . Team Zaza- you rock!!
P.s – they also serve an awesome banoffee pie which is on my wish list ;)


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