10 reasons Why blogging is Fun !

I studied medicine completely unaware of what the future held in store for me.  For someone who was described by everyone as ambitious, I fell for the charms of a handsome army officer. The life in the army cantonment, the regular postings, coupled with motherhood; the bugler calling morning muster in the army cantonment literally sounded the death knell for my career as a medical practitioner. Time flies and with my children back to school, the urge to do something nudged me to take to blogging. It’s been 9 months since I started blogging (as much as my schedule allows). Although it’s not all hunky dory, here’s why I love it most of the times:

1. It’s a great way of utilizing my free time (whatever little I can manage) without leaving the confines of my home and messing my “ghar-grihasthi” (though sometimes there are disruptions)

2. Exclusive invites-Bloggers get invited to the glamorous page 3 parties, launches, Concerts and previews. We are apprised of products before it reaches the junta. Though I’ve had my share of some great and very special parties in the Army, meeting new friends, getting to interact with celebs, the sense of novelty and variety in the nature of events takes it to another level.

3. Depending on niche and capability, bloggers can be entitled to products that include clothes, cosmetics, and even gadgets.

4. We get to hang out with celebrities (yes this deserves to be a point in itself) and they actually recognise us.

5. Most of us have opinions but the audience is pretty small. As a blogger, the digital platform lets me reach out to and get very encouraging feedback form a huge and demographically as well as geographically diverse audience. It’s encouraging to find out that our opinion counts.

6. It’s a never ending learning process- From SEO, different forms of social media viz, twitter, instagram (still trying to figure this one out), Google algorithms, photography (my Achilles heel ) and even writing .

7. Meeting new people is a given for any blogger. These range from chefs (the most humble and sweet human beings ever) to PR professional (the most gorgeous breed on the planet) and CEOs (inspirational people and surprisingly humble and friendly) to fellow bloggers who no doubt are a class apart. They provide such varying perspectives to life and everyone has contributed to my evolution both as a blogger and as a human being.

8. If one wishes to contribute to humanity, then blogging helps philanthropy. There are several causes and writing about them, spreading the word is a big way of contributing to the cause. I always look forward to such opportunities.

9. Google analytics- this is my favourite part of blogging. Tracking page views, traffic sources and discovering that my blog is read by people all over the world is a source of joy. Seeing the traffic go up with every blog post, gives me the biggest adrenaline rush pushing me to do blog more and better.

10. Feedback – There are these surprise emails, phone calls and comments from people who wish to contribute to my blog, raving about the content and sometimes complete strangers just saying a few nice words.

This is also the perfect write up to acknowledge the contributions of Sumita Roy, Neelav De and my hubby to “wonderland”. Also young contributors Adita and Sauraa can’t be appreciated enough! ☺


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