10 traits of a number 5 person

                                                    Paramhansa Yogananda
 The number 5 pertains to anybody born on the 5th, 14th and 23rd of any month. This number is ruled by mercury which is the planet of intellect, movement and communication.
                                                    Albert Einstein
1. The number 5 is the number of intellect hence these people are extremely analytical and are constantly devising new plans of transformation. From Walt Disney who revolutionised entertainment, to Einstein who proposed landmark theories & Paramhansa Yogananda who spread the light of spiritualism all over the world, are number 5s.

                                                                   Kate Winslet
 2. They possess a  magnetic, mesmerizing personality and capture everyone’s attention.

3. They can adjust to any situation and mould themselves to blend in. This makes them extremely likeable.

4. Extremely Focussed, the 5 concentrates on whatever’s at hand and successfully executes it to completion.
                                                        Christiano Ronaldo
5. They are entrepreneurial by nature and generally have more than 1 source of income. The founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg is a 5 and we know how early the entrepreneurial bug hit him.

6. They are very logical and reasonable and can talk out of the most implicating circumstances. This is due to the influence of the ruling planet, mercury which governs communication. A5 will generally possess good written as well as verbal communication skills.


7. They are masters of mind over matter, the head rules over everything. Intellect will not be subjugated to feelings & emotions.
                                                     Steffi Graf   
8.The adage “change is the only constant” holds true for them. Change of place, people, jobs.This is a number of movement and a  5 hates being still or stagnant.
                                                                     Bruce Springsteen
9.You’re in love with a number 5? Tough Luck! If number 5s ever admits to being in love they will talk love to death, will analyse every emotion and may leave you high and dry. Besides, their love for change may also make it difficult to sustain a relationship. Even Einstein- though a successful scientist-was known to be miserable in matters of the heart.
                                                              Amy Winehouse  
10. Their attention to detail makes them hyper critical and it’s annoying when someone points out flaws as if it’s their duty. However, they are also self-critical and don’t cover-up their own mistakes either.

What makes number 5 tick:
Lucky number- 5
Lucky day- Wednesday
Lucky stone- Emerald
Lucky number- 5
Lucky colour- green
Health-will be susceptible to respiratory issues.


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