5 ways to develop Attitude of Gratitude

Being a mother to a 10 year old has its' perks. The conversations are interesting, the arguments are never ending and sometimes I get my convictions challenged and proved otherwise as well!

Last weekend has been a revelation. It all started with a discussion  on " being grateful". Where has that feeling gone?For being alive and healthy?Do we ever raise our hands and salute the God Almighty for giving us this wonderful life?Do we ever look at the rising sun and feel blessed for being able to absorb its' healing rays?

If we look around us there is a lot to feel grateful for but we take it for granted. When it's extremely hot we are unhappy and we pray for rains. But when it rains do we enjoy the raindrops falling on our face? the fragrance of wet soil? The earth getting drenched in water, the plants shining brighter..no , we then complain about traffic jams and what not. People running from one place to another, always rushing...thinking they will enjoy it another time. Do we realise this is the only time we have...there is no such thing as another time..step out, look up, be thankful for the smiles you get, appreciate the person who gets you your morning cup of tea/coffee,say thanks, appreciate the unconditional love that your children shower upon you. Be grateful you have a family to live with, friends to laugh out with, you are blessed to have food on your table, you have someone waiting for you at home.Feel the blessing of your maker in every small act of kindness and you will always stay blessed.

5 ways to develop the Attitude for Gratitude
1.Developing this attitude is a mindset choice.Keep a manual/ journal. Make a list of events that you are grateful for each night.Focus on what came to your aid that day.Include small acts of kindness. Do this daily. Slowly you will realize you are well taken care of!
2. Gratitude creates solutions.Keep a mental checklist of your triggers. What are your complain triggers during the day?Observe them for a week.Try to set aside sometime at the end of the week.,15. minutes should be enough, brain storm the solution for  them.This will remove you from complaining mode.

3.Gratitude is contagious.Watch your words. What you say is usually how you act. Replace whines with positive words. When we are grateful we tend to exude and share our positive energy. It becomes contagious and we can do good things together.
4.Express your gratitude in person--Talk, say thank you, treat them to a cup of tea coffee or lunch maybe?

5. Show respect for those around you--Treat others with the same level of courtesy you expect to recieve. Smile show kindness.
6. Focus on Positivity--Don't complain. You will only reinforce negative state of mind. Take a few deep breaths and focus on something positive.

Start with YOU. Be the change and watch the world change around you and your practise of Gratitude.
Settled in  Gurgaon for the last 3 years, Sumita is a yoga enthusiast. She firmly believes that each child is a born yogi.Has been practising yoga for the last 5-6 years in Bangalore and Gurgaon . she quit working once her daughter was born. Now she enjoys motherhood along with pursuing hobbies like light music,reading and cooking and of course doing  yoga.