An Enthralling Weekend.. Delhiites Danced to Korean Tunes..

         K-Pop Festival 2015 concluded
         The Brooks & Frozen Crew are India's K-Pop Rockstars

New Delhi; Korean Cultural Centre, KOFICE organized the 4th edition of K- POP 2015 Festival “2015 Feel Korea with K-POP Contest India” at Siri Fort Auditorium, New Delhi here over the weekend.

The first day had the Grand Finale of K-Pop India Contest 2015 with contestants from 8 Regions with special entry from Nepal, where the wild card entry from Delhi Preliminary rounds The Brooks (Song) andFrozen Crew (Dance) from Mizoram takes the pride to become the new K-Pop Stars from India, while Revathi Sukumaran (Song) from Chennai and Dance Xenos (Dance) from Assam won in Silver category. The Grand finale saw tough competition between winners of all the 8 regional winners. With over 19 performances during the grand finale; Mizoram's Frozen Crew (Dance) emerges as the winner in the Gold category with a Trip to Korea, Participation in K-Pop world festival 2015 in Gangwon and a Brand New Hyundai Car (Grand i10), while the wild card entry from Delhi regional The Brooks (Song) also awarded a Trip Korea along with a Samsung smart phone and a nomination to K-Pop world festival 2015 in Changwon. As runner-up Dance Xenos(Dance) from Mizoram were treated with a nomination to Changwon world k-Pop festival with trip to Korea with K-Pop Festival 2015 along with a cash prize of Rs. 100,000 and Revathi Sukumaran (Song) from Chennai won a Samsung Smart Phone. The Bronze Winner for the Dance category, 3 Plus 4 Crew, will receive a cash prize of Rs. 50,000 while the Bronze Winner for the Song Category, Nikita Hariname, will receive a Samsung Smart Phone. The winning participant will not only visit Korea but get a chance to represent India at the prestigious K-POP World Festival 2015, South Korea by Visiting committee.

The performances were judged by Korean Band ZE:AJ and a special performance by Korean Band IMFACTenthralled the audience with a mesmerizing performance.

On the second day, 6 K-POP bands made their debut in India with such magnificent and lively crowd and awestruck performances to cheer Indian audiences. It was for the first time that Indian audiences got the opportunity to witness 6 KPOP famous bands at one stage on one time.
K-POP is a world famous South Korean Music genre, comprise all genres of South Korean pop music with pop-dance, pop-ballad, electronic, rock, metal, hip hop, R & B, etc. The craze and the jazz for this genre of music are extremely popular and global. Experimentation of music, style, dance and design defines the KPOP Stars; they are also termed as the Hallyu Stars, the term originally originated from Beijing journalists, for the popularity of Korean Culture and Entertainment.

Kpop has an interesting history in India, in the beginning it was assumed not to be receptive by the Indians; but now it has grown up to a different dimension and emerged as a unique genre of music followed by many Indian fans. KPOP, which was only assumed to be the culture followed by North East Indians, has now gained popularity among many Delhiites and people across India that it has been a pack house show  for  last 2 year and huge fan base has been growing  during its journey of four years in India. Saturday’s show proved the love of Indian audiences for KPOP Bands like:   “Teen Top”, “ZE:AJ” , “100% “,  “Bestie” ,  “Almeng” and  “IMFACT”. We certainly hope to get more of KPOP concerts happening in India from now on, seeing the wonderful response of the people.

After the successful show, Mr. Kim Kum Pyoung (Director, Korean Cultural Centre India) said, “It was amazing to see the tough competition. And it was an amazing evening featuring 2015 Feel Korea K-Pop Concert with Seven K-POP Stars. Every year we are getting great response and enthusiasm of the people, but today it was overwhelming, seeing the packed auditorium in Delhi is a positive sign for us and hopefully next time it would be bigger and better, says Mr. Pyoung.”

The K-POP Contest 2015 involved three stage competitions, Online contest, Preliminary Round and the Grand Finale, all these three vibrant rounds were witnessed at Bangalore, Chennai Mumbai, Kolkata, Mizoram, Nepal and New Delhi for a duration of  four and a half months started from 17th April 2015 till 28th August 2015, on Singing and Dancing two categories.  

K-POP is all about giving you a chance not only to visit Korea but also to meet your favorite Hallyu Stars in real, see them perform in their country, and be a part of K-POP World Festival 2015.