Drool waffles , Galleria- Review

Drool Waffles is a haven for vegetarian waffle lovers & has definitely got me waffling. An experimental joint which serves both sweet and savoury waffles, and boy-is the array mindboggling. I was invited by my bunch of crazy foodie friends & honestly was expecting the usual ice cream on waffles.

Chef Subhayan Das ,has previously worked with the olive (there’s more of interest about him but u better visit the outlet to find out) dishes out some incredible treats. It is the 1st hospitality venture of ex-banker Amay Asrani. The waffles here are low on sugar and  butter ,these guys take healthy eating way very seriously .

The meetha loving me wanted to start with the sweet waffles and we tried everything off the menu (perks of being a blogger). They serve two portions Minion and monster though personally the minion also was monstrous enough for me. My personal favourites were- Rum runner, Banoffee blast ( banana and toffee is always a winning combo for me) , Richie Rich -and not just coz I like the cartoon character- dark chocolate makes this one extremely rich in flavour & Biji’s apple pie ( Apple , cinnamon,icecream & wafflaes ) this has to work !

The savoury treat started with the Angry barking dog which is an ode to the angry young man who owns the place.  The mock meat in the form of soya sausage dressed in an amazing mustard sauce, bhut jolokia and chipotle combination completely won me over. We tried the Aztec warrior which was a little too spicy for my taste but was relished by everyone else. Another option that I recommend would be the Teriyaki boyz which is hugely favoured by the pan-Asian community in the millennium city. It was a heavenly combination with the silky texture of tofu wrapped in the sweetness of teriyaki sauce & the pungency of horseradish sauce.

All in all it was an awesome evening in the company of good friends, good food and loads of laughter. I got drooled , what about you ?