Ontario; a paradise seriously!

Ontario, my best province in Canada is probably also my best vacation destination. I love the place so much that I have spent most of my savings to make 5 trips there and that's expensive! But what the heck, you only live once! Ghoomo, phiro phir marro!

Ontario is literally habitat to the maximum number of immigrants ever in the world from countries like China, Bangladesh, India and Pakistan. Infact, when you walk down the streets in Toronto, you feel at home with similar complexioned and look alike faces passing you by!
The Toronto skyline

What makes this province in Canada so special to me? Well the reasons are many. For once, the best is that Ontario is truly beautiful, extremely developed and modern. You will love the weather in summers and probably hate the winters where temperatures dip to even -20 degrees! But I love both! 

Next on the love list are the people. Each and every one of them there...they are so polite and warm. It seriously rubs on to you! And no, you will not or never get to feel the racism in Ontario! Its their culture to be not racist. And their laws are very strict for anti-racism! 

The socio culture in Ontario is amazing. You will see people from all ethnicities. The culture is vibrant. You will find anything you want. I bought Rajnigandha pan masala from the Pakistani area. It did cost $15 but then, I loved chewing pan masala in Ontario. 

The pubs and restaurants are there. But the best thing about the entire province is the patio culture. Beautifully laden patios with flowers and great beer make for special moments! 
A typical pub in downtown Toronto
A classic patio on Harbour Front Toronto

Ontario is the place for kids. From splash pads to aquariums, to beaches to parks, life is good for them kids! The air is so clean and fresh, their lungs actually grow healthy unlike in Delhi, where these poor kids grow up with ashtma and respiratory diseases, thanks to pollution! 
Splash pad

Then there is the all famous and glorious Tim Hortons Coffee joints, a canadian chain for coffee and goodies. Probably the best coffee I have had. And a medium size costs about $1.20 (INR 70). Along with that pick timbits or a sour cream cheese bagel and you could probably have a mini orgasm! 

There are zillions of things to write about Ontario, but I got to end it right here because I am again tempted to buy that ticket to Lester Pearson airport! 

I could just shut my eye and move there! I will probably in some years!  


  1. The last time I visited Ontario it was a lovely place and it was indeed a melting pot of cultures.

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