QLA- Review

If one wants to experience elegant surroundings while tasting the most exquisite food presented in a manner that is out-of-the-world then there can’t be a better setting than Qla. Qla is akin to the beautiful demure bride who’s unveiled slowly lest everyone gets awestruck by her beauty and goes berserk. Qla is to be savoured slowly and the brilliance needs to be taken in with time to fully enjoy it. The moment one steps into this elegant eatery, with a long courtyard style fell and informal seating with wooden benches and sofas with some eclectic cushions, there’s a sense of serenity in the surrounding- it feels like you’ve stepped into a bistrosomewhere in Europe.

The food here is mainly avant-garde European fare that is paired well with their innovative cocktails. And the best part is that there are vegetarian options for every dish. We were offered a welcome drink of kaffir lime leaves in orange juice which completely refreshed me. Tantalising my visual senses were the amuse bouche platter which comprised of parmesan cheese balls(crunchy and cheesy), tamarind and celery(a beautiful purple delight wrapped around a twig of celery)&apple and rose trust me this is a stupefying combination. This was served with lemon grass essence. They bake some good breads too which are embossed with their logo. The mindboggling feast continued with soft cucumber taco which is filled with bean/tuna, this Mexican flavoured filling is wrapped delicately in a slice of cucumber that looked every bit as delicious as it tasted. The sake & lemongrass marinated eggplant was served on a bed of polenta and this combination was creamy and satisfying, with the curated tomatoes adding a dash of sweetness and contributing .The  Vietnamese favourite Pho came with an assortment of accompaniments which were fun to mix and ended in a hearty soup. 

The stilton meets waldorf salad brings together fruity freshness with the crunch of leaves. I must say that the presentation was absolutely excellent and so was the taste, but it could have been easier to mix the two in a bigger bowl. They make really good pizzas in an oven that’s there for everyone to see; the thin crust variety was amazing. For the mains summer organic vegetable plate was served with some sweet potato puree which was impressive. They offer an interesting array of sides from onion rings,parmesan steaks, & paris mash which was really good.

Dessert platter was pretty with titbits that had delicious double chocolate flourless, mouth-watering Valencia cheesecake &some outstanding beer sorbet. While most sorbets lack flavour, this one was intoxicatingly robust. The double chocolate flourless was a great gluten free dessert that was rich decadent and indulgent.

Meal for two - Appox 3000 Rs


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