The Big F awards !!

Much madness, frenzy, hype and hoopla that surrounded the big F awards culminated in a stellar and explosive event that put the big bang to shame. After a month of voting where yours truly was also a nominee(why didn’t u vote for me, readers?). The mania came to life this Friday night.The voting system couldnot be more genuine with 1 IP address only allowed cast a single vote, ruled out any scope for mischief. 

The who’s who of food industry descended at the Westin, Gurgaon for a star studded evening. The celeb count was truly high, from Sanjeev Kapoor-who happily obliged everyone by posing for the shutterbugs-  to the gorgeous Sarah Todd (warm as always) to Saraansh Goila(I loved the bow tie-dude). There was also Chef SabyaSachi Gorai, Osama Jalali who with his benign presence made everyone comfortable. And how could I forget the lovely Marryam Reshi around whom I’m totally star struck everytime I meet her.

The stage was set with awards based on popular choice as well as jury- the awards recognize everyone from the big chains like Wendy’s to home cooks, home bakers and even bloggers. The diversity was very impressive.The popular choice awards reflected the opinions of the junta of GudGawan. This millennium city is a foodie hotspot anyways.The hooting and cheering with my favourite blogger Shambhavi was therapeutic. The hospitality extended by Westin was an affair to remember, Sukhdeep’s tireless efforts resulted in experience par excellence for the foodie community. The food was great and it turned out to be one of those rare occasions when I chose to stay back quite late chatting and catching up with old friends.Pawan Soni-the man of the evening personally looked after everyone and his humility despite having achieved this stature in the industry is inspiring indeed. Rohini Ghosh and Himanshu- kudos to both of you for working round the clock and delivering a blockbuster show. I am still hungover from the madness and can’t wait for the next edition.