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The Common Room - Review

The common room is a place to hang-out and socialize in off-work hours and that’s exactly what one gets to do at this place by the same name at Rajouri garden in West Delhi. The founder Dinesh Arora has been in the restaurant business for quite some time now and his latest venture is a testament to his sound understanding of what the connoisseurs want. So the latest trend to hit the restaurant/lounge scene is live music. The common room incorporates this with elegance and how.While initially I was unexcited presuming it to be just another restaurant launch, five minutes in the place I was completely hooked and didn’t want to leave. If you are a budding singer between 18-27 then this is teh platformto showcase your talent.The ambience is laid back and easy with extremely comfortable seating so that you can indulge in both auditory as well as gustatory pleasures and never want to leave. The focus is on the singer, food and general bonhomie.

I was here with my friends enjoying the warm hospitality of Dinesh and his gorgeous wife Pooja. The food here is a mish mash of various cuisines. We tried the nachos topped with tomato salsa which were fresh and crunchy. The pizza margharita was thin crust and cooked to perfection. For the carnivores their keema pao is highly recommended. If you are a desi fare lover there’s plenty to choose from the Indian menu too. For dessert we tried the chocolate  brownie with ice-cream and that was polished off clean from the plate

As the singer continued to belt out classics one after another from “yellow” to “kabira”, I just didn’t want to leave. I wish this concept is brought to the millennium city soon. Till then I guess one needs to drive down to Rajouri Garden and I plan to do just that for my fix of some awesome live music in amazing ambience along with some delectable food.

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