World Vegetarian day

An interesting recipe  to celebrate World Vegetarian Day by Nom-Nom restaurant  Chef Rajen Pradhan . In case you don't wish to cook but still want to indulge reserve a table at Nom.Nom right away!

Wok Tossed Seasonal Vegetables
(Stir-Fried broccoli, snow peas, baby corn, mushrooms,Asparagus,Zucchini, tossed in chives sauce with spices)

Prep Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 30 minutes
Serves 2


1. Broccoli 50gm
2. Button Mushroom 40gm
3. Pock-Choy 40gm
4. Fresh Chives 25gm
5. Snow Peas 30gm
6. Baby Corn 50gm
7. Chop Garlic 20gm
8. Olive Oil 25ml
9. Salt to Taste
10. Veg broth Powder 10gm
11. Sugar Power 8gm
12. Potato Stars 12gm
13. Light Sauce 10ml
14. Sweet Soya Sauce 25gm
15. Veg Oyster Mushroom Sauce 25gm


1. Blanch all vegetables 30 to 40 second and then put all the vegetable in ice chilled water for 10 to 15 second. Then heat the oil in the wok put the chopped garlic,tossed the garlic till  light brown & add the vegetable to tossed with seasoning  serve on the plater & garnish with spiral beetroot & fresh coriander leaf.


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