Baking with Bacchas

Le meridien Delhi regularly does experiential events. This time it was a special mom and kids baking class that was on offer. I took along my bacchas to learn the basics of baking. The event is very reasonably priced and is a regular affair at this iconic hotel. The pastry chef decided to demonstrate two desserts and considering my eggless restriction graciously agreed to teach me the eggless version.
We learnt to make a Mixed Berry Flan and an Orange Cream caramel . I loved the fact that the chef personally supervised us and spoke about the nityy gritties of baking. For eg; the pastry  base needs to be warmed or not to overfill the flan cups. These simple recipes will make you feel like a professional chef and I can’t wait to impress my guests with these delectable goodies. For the benefit of my readers I am hereby sharing a recipe that I learnt that day.
Mix Berry Flan
Mascarpone cheese- 40 gm
Eggs-                            0 .5
Sugar-                         15 gm
Corn Flour                   3 gm
Frozen Berries            25 gm
Sponge Crumb            20 gm
Mix Cheese and sugar together
Mix egg and corn flour
Pour the egg mix to the cheese mix
Whisk the egg mix and cheese mix
Line sweet pastry on the flan mould and spread sponge crumbs on it.
Put frozen berries and pour the batter in it
Bake at 180C for 25 – 30 mins


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