Behold - Magic By Tejas

Kingdom of Dreams and Crossbow Entertainment launched Behold, Magic by Tejas, a breathtaking show this afternoon at ShowShaa Theatre. A unique combination of some of the best mentalist acts and thrilling magic tricks Behold mesmerised and left the adults amazed while the children and the young teenagers in the audience were simply left spellbound by the acts and sheer artistry of the Magic artist Tejas.

The show brought alive an interesting blend of mind boggling routines and entertainment for the audience to not just experience, but also live in a world transformed with fantasy. The 75 minutes long show built up curiosity in the minds of the viewers keeping them on the edges of their seats waiting with bated breath to know what the next minute will bring. Full of surprises and Wow moments the show captivated all, the old and the young. Foot tapping music and glitz and glamour of the dancers accompanying Tejas on stage, entertained and engaged the attention of the viewers, keeping them glued to their seats.

Two time national award winner Tejas built up the curiosity levels of the audience to a fever pitch and kept them guessing till the last minute and brought each act to a close with an awe-inspiring and grand flourish. With a generous infusion of dance, music and magic the captivating displays of spectacular acts and once-in-a-lifetime chance at adventure, Behold will take the audience on a fun roller coaster ride which is the stuff of enchanting memories. Yeh Nahin Dekh Toh Kuch Nahin Dekha. 


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