Trend Alert - The Boho

All those coffee dates denting your pockets? The regular coffee breaks that your team members need are hindering your project deadlines? Well, Indulge beverages comes to your rescue. A venture of Kunal Bhagat and Tuhin Jain- both of whom are more than just pretty faces (read hunks)- combining their stellar academic and work experience to revolutionise coffee making in the country and that too at the comfort of your home or work place. Bonhomia introduces its new baby- The BOHO- which is so easy to use even my 7 year old will manage to whip up some macchiato. All you gotta do is pop in the coffee capsule and at the press of a button one gets a steaming frothing cup of coffee. As if this was not all, they also manufacture their own range of coffees in the capsule format some of which I got to try and will mention here-
Organic bliss- keeping up with the organic fad; this one is mildly intense and a huge seller.
Black veil-It was rich and aromatic which uplifts the senses.
Vanilla ice- 5 seconds after this was popped into the coffee machine a strong aroma of vanilla permeated the air and we all know how that brings back only happy memories. So if you are feeling nostalgic and thinking about that song and dance you liked in your teens or your first crush, this is the flavour for you.
Dark deeds- My personal favourite. This one is woody, earthy, Intense and dramatic. It made me feel I was walking through a beautiful dark forest all by myself. Very relaxing indeed!

If you are a tea lover like moi then bonhomia also retails 2 types of teas the Green Peace (green tea) and the Black pot (english breakfast )both of which are available in the capsule format and are flavourful as well as detoxifying.
The next time you want to impress that cute chick , well you can do so without an expensive trip to the neighbourhood starbucks. Be the cool boss by whipping out some amazing coffee at the work table and sharing it with your team and as we know a happy team means more productivity. I ,for sure am calling my girl gang over this weekend to impress them with my newly acquired brewing skills
And now a glimpse of the bottom line: the BOHO is priced at 9995 and 12995 each. The capsules will cost you INR 350 for a pack of ten.They retail at most leading supermarkets viz Needs, Le Matche, Modern Bazaar and even online at Amazon.

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