World in Box- Review

As a doctor I once worked at a weight loss clinic & many of my patients’ pet peeves was the unavailability of pre-cooked food; this issue was a particular pain point for the ones who burnt the midnight oil. Now, this problem is more or less solved- thanks to some good home delivery meal outlets and one of them is world in a box. So last Friday I ordered in to get relief from cooking as well as to have a healthy meal after a long & busy Thursday which involved plenty of bingeing.

The packaging is quite impressive with the usage of 100% bio degradable products- including the cutlery. The smoothie I asked for was the very-berry - full of antioxidants; the quantity was generous enough to provide a great kick-start in the morning. Hubby had the Greek yoghurt jar which was again sumptuous and healthy. We also ordered the ABCDEK salad which is a mish-mash of the cancer fighting kale(Vitamin K),Tofu(Vitamin D), almonds(Vitamin E), spinach(Vitamin A), broccoli(Vitamin C) , Mushroom(Vitamin B), lettuce(Vitamin K & Vitamin A). This was accompanied by a flavourful vinaigrette. I especially loved the mild natural sweetness of apricot interspersed between the other  ingredients.

What can be cooler than something that actually has all the vitamins from A to K. In fact this was polished off by the kiddos who just loved this healthy salad. Our main-course that day was sweet chilly capers grilled cottage cheese which was served on a bed of salad. The cottage cheese steak was well cooked and thankfully did not end up like the insipid chunks of paneer served at most places. The global crispy chilli cheese sandwich didn’t fail to impress either. By now I am sure all of you are aware of my weakness for all things sweet so how could I resist ordering dessert. But unlike the stuff available elsewhere this one was again packed with nutrients- a fruit bowl with multi-coloured fruits accompanied by roasted nuts in honey dressing that really enhanced the flavour of this already ravishing beauty.
The meals are well priced and the ingredients used are fresh. They have 2 mains for lunch and dinner every day to ensure that the offerings don’t get repetitive. For all those people busy to cook their meals yet not wanting to compromise on their health- World in a box is a God sent. Here’s some interesting trivia- every meal that you order from them feeds an underprivileged child. So cheers to healthy eating and living!


  1. World in Box seems to have a few great healthy options, I'll be sure to try it soon. Thanks for a detailed review

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