Culinary Class at Westin Gurgaon

This Saturday saw me visiting Westin, Gurgaon for an interesting masterclass. Winters herald the barbecue season and that in Indian context means kebabs which  was what we learnt exactly at westin. Chef Shan Mohammed taught us  4 types of kebabs,2 vegetarian and 2 non vegetarian. These are extremely simple  recipes and  will surely impress any guests you have over this season. Surprisingly besides being easy they were very quick to make and that’s an extra brownie point. The entire experience was brilliant because of the way the chef broke down the recipe and did I mention the layout? The colourful spread of spices and marinade inspired us to cook . How I wish someone  would do this for me in my kitchen , that would definitely push me to make gourmet food everyday. For the benefit of my readers I m posting a simple recipe of my favourite kabab., the Mewa  Mawe ki Shammi ( tongue twister of a name )

Mewe Mawe ki Shaami
Fresh Paneer-500gm
 Fresh Khoya-200gm
Ginger chopped- 10 gm
Coriander chopped -10 gm
Green chilli chopped- 10 gm
Almonds- 20 no
Cashew nut- 20 no
Raisins- 20 no
Fresh bread crumbs- 50 gm
Roasted Channa powder- 10 gm
Green cardamom Powder- 5 gm

Mash Paneer and Khoya together in a bowl
Add the chopped ingredients , and dry fruits to this mash and mix well.
Add green cardamom powder, roasted channa powder and finally add the breadcrumbs
Roll them in the shape of patty and shallow fry on a tawa.

This crumbly, delicious kebab  was served with a grape sauce (will post the recipe next time). At home this can also e served with a mint / coriander chutney.Westin regularly conducts culinary workshops , so stay tuned . You can also write at  for more information.