Farmout- Review

The humble sandwich has recently undergone major transformation. Gone are the days of the ubiquitous aloo, onion and tomato stuffed with some paneer. These days it’s artisan sandwiches, crafted with organic ingredients and innovative fillings. Trending on a lot of food groups is Farmout- a quaint little cafĂ© tucked away in galleria. Arijit Ganguly the brain behind Farmout is an ex techie who’s extensively travelled around the world (enviable indeed) and is so passionate about food that he embarked upon a new career path altogether. Every dish on the menu is made from veggies which were in the farm not more than 24 hours ago which is very tempting for the healthivore in me.The double level seating showcases the kitchenette on the lower level but my favourite nook is on the upper deck. The upper level is more like a loft with wooden chairs and tables and my favourite sofa corner where I’d like to plonk myself every time I visit. It also has a bookcase which offers some diverse reading material.

As a vegetarian I love soya as it’s loaded with protein and an integral part of my diet, besides being versatile. But Hammer and Bongs does to soya what I could never even think of. Sandwiched between 2 slices of multigrain bread is an interesting filling of cottage cheese with soya granules which offers textural contrasts as well as an intense flavour. Did I mention this sandwich itself is enough reason for me to try Farmout again and again? The 3-pepper spicy corn salad was an evenly dressed medley of vegetables which was crunchy and juicy at the same time. There’s nothing overpowering, just simple flavours that coexist happily with each other. Wedged between 2 slices of thickly cut ciabatta is an earthy filling of mushroom and bell pepper and this is the Mediterranean sandwich which had me exclaiming- wow- from the 1st bite. It’s served with a side of beetroot salad and the entire combination makes this a perfect lunch option. Desi Popeye incorporates spinach with cottage cheese and I relished it! Somehow this combination works for me every-time. All this was washed down with the Green smoothie which is again as flavoursome as it is healthy. To satisfy my sweet craving was the tiramisu and the red velvet. I’ll be openly partial to the red velvet as that hint of tanginess made a world of difference to the decadent dessert.

Farmout’s launching new winter soups which I look forward to. They also have amazing breakfast options and deliver at your home too. For more info; check
Where- SF 116, 1st floor, Galleria Market, Dlf Phase 4, Gurgaon