Hindware's new offering- Kylis!

Don’t we all love that bathroom in a friend’s house or hotel which had really stylish and high quality fittings; now Hindware has taken it to another level by offering a range of products which can help one really transform that very special comfort zone we all have in our homes.
This well-known brand has launched Kylis, which combines out of the world looks with Hindware’s penchant for high quality. This is not just your typical tap or faucet but a range of products that come together to provide comprehensive solutions to your sanitary needs- and that too in style. While the products themselves have very new and unique eye-catching designs, they have relied on the age old formula that exhumes luxury- a high quality chrome finish. The company claims that this new feat has been reached as a result of their relentless focus on understanding customer needs and technology innovation.
The new Kylis range is indeed innovative in its design, reminds on of Steve Jobs’ design philosophy. The products have very attractive features which are pleasantly eye-catching and yet distinctive from other prominent designs one sees these days. The company has showcased its design philosophy for the Kylis range which is fundamentally minimalistic and the underlying theme is for the products and solutions to perfectly blend in with the surroundings while complementing the looks of the special part of your home, hotel or work-place. Prominent among the new offerings are the “star white” and “nano” designs and the “Italian Collection” which are aimed at offering customers an option to take home the latest designs of the day. So if you’re looking to re-do that special nook in your home and make a statement doing so- look no further.

With Kylis what Hindware offers you is the latest and very distinctive range of out-of-the-world faucets, grand water closets and the classiest wash basins to name a few. Hope you will be very satisfied with these products and this will give your new or redone comfort rooms the style statement in tune with your own personalities.