Imly Express- Review

Some of my fondest memories as a kid are of train journeys and needless to mention the focus was comics & food.Every station was associated with some local delicacy that was on my wish list. I remember when the train was passing through Jaipur it was time for mirchi vadas, in Mathura pack some pedas, at Agra it’d be petha time, @Bhusaval-dosa and vada pav, @Siliguri some Jhalmuri, and so on. Forget long distance even my local train rides in Mumbai were interesting everyday coz of the food that was savoured in them after a long harrowing day. Now why am I reminiscing days gone by? Well, well, well… restauranteurs  Varun Puri and Vivek Bhargav , with the launch of Imly express have invoked nostalgia that refuses to die down. As far as trains go this should be the model for swacchata-abhiyaan program as well (this train is clean as a whistle… and whistle it does!). So we walk on this kitschy ride which is presently stationed at Rajendra place and are transported to foodie paradise.

As restauranteurs go Varun and Vivek’s strength is the food (the variety of concepts that they have implemented has been mindboggling too). This strength is derived through Aman Puri who once again had me  licking my fingers clean (don’t start picturing that now ;). What do we have here- a long list of food items that embody street food!The concept of street food springs to life in this express train. I was impressed by the plethora of flavours that the banta shikanji was offered in. Now let me unabashedly admit that the mere reason I made hubby drive me all the way to West Delhi was Mumbaiyya food (Varun always gets it right).The Pav bhaji heralded my dinner soiree and it was utterly  butterly delicious. Vada pav – once again bang on- dude get this to Gurgaon soon. Masala Dosa  was served with a plethora of chutneys, but what I wish to mention is the Sambar- not your khatti imly ka paani that is passed off for the same in most joints in NCR. This one was the real deal. Dosa- the Imly way  is as interesting as it is satiating. Of course, there are the other street food options (CholeBature, Kulche, et al) which are relatively common in NCR but Imly is determined to give the best in the business a run for their money!

This is not all, #meethaabhibakihai. The Jalebis are fresh, crisp and crunchy served with Rabri. Bundi with rabri is tasty and pretty but it was the Malpua that has me craving from the mere thought of it.

The writing has me craving to visit Imly again. Remember Kareena in jab we met saying, “Aajtak life mein koi train nahi chuti meri.” I can safely say that too after my Imlycious experience. Get Imlyfied , ride  atop the Imly express now !!
PS: Can’t wait for more branches to open up, preferably nearer to home.

Where- Imly Express- Shop F20,Hog Market Rajendra Place, New Delhi