Jamie's Italian- Review

If there’s one thing about the ambience of Jamie’s Italian,it’s that the joint is as unpretentious as the chef himself. Unpretentious but live wire- this place greets you with a high octane kitchen that is buzzing with action.There’s a pasta making nook right next to the entrance where all the good stuff is made fresh everyday. The attention paid to every minute detail- the quality of grain, flour and even meat (happy meat, you’ve got to figure that out yourself)-is impressive to say the least in these times of short-cuts and quick profits. Its location in the middle on the 3rd floor amidst some big names in the food industry  reflects its confidence .For those who are obsessed with the charming chef a lot of his merchandise can be bought right at the restaurant.

A couple of cans of tomato puree lying on the table piqued my curiosity but that was put to rest when the plank arrived. It’s literally a wooden one which was conveniently perched on the cans and is in actuality an antipasti platter (one can buy these planks as well to serve such delight at home). This has an array of grilled vegetables, cheese, bruschetta & some salad which is as much a visual delight as it is a gastronomic one. Tomato and ricotta  bruschetta was a satisfying affair with the tangy yummy sauce plopped on some crispy bread.Fried and cheesy is always a winning combination and the Italian nachos filled with a four cheese mixture nailed it. Arancini balls are gradually turning into my favourite Italian starters and the one’s at Jamie’s are the best in town.Time for more carbs and this time in my favourite form- pasta. We tried the spaghetti aglio e olio, which is my favourite kind of pasta, some porcini fettucine and all this was served with an interesting herby bread crumb mixture which added  crunch and some extra flavour to the dish.The intense earthiness of the mushroom fettuccine found many fans that afternoon.Despite an overdose of pizza at Jamie’s pizzeria last week we were served the Margherita and the Funghi Misti , I of course am partial to margherita which is simply classic while hubby loved the earthiness of mushrooms on the well stacked funghi version.

We were not done yet, time for dessert and I got myself a trio of sorbets mango,raspberry and lemon. The sublimity of the lemon  sorbet was something that cast a spell on me.  A brainchild of Saurabh Khanijo (the man behind the very successful, Kylin) & Jasper Reid, this one definitely seems all set to win Indian hearts and minds- the ways to Indians’ hearts are through their stomachs ;-).