Mission explorer at National Geographic Channel !

This weekend NGC- the leading nature and adventure channel in India since 1998-  launched a fantastic new contest called “Mission Explorer”. So all those who have seekers who follow their passion but have so far craved for the chance to showcase their talents it’s here and now! The aim of this fantastic show cum contest is to showcase and reward those who have had the grit and determination to stand for what they believe and that never-say-die attitude which makes them strive to make a difference. So should be very interested if you are such a person with achievement in any of the categories of:
  1. Music and Art
  2. Innovation and Technology
  3. Nature and Travel
Just log on to www.missionexplorer.in and don’t be late coz registration is only open till the 24th of December. All you need to do is upload a video of you story with a short description and that’s it! A panel from NGC will pick the top 10 entries which will be presented to the jury that’ll pick 3 winners. And the prize is- a chance to explore further via participation in an all-expenses-paid Nat Geo Expedition to none other than the exotic destination of Machu Picchu.
I will also briefly introduce you to the jury who are a wonderful bunch of people- that was clear as soon as I met them. The famous MIDIval Punditz are the ones who set the trend for electronic music in India. There’s India’s first woman surfer- Ishita Malviya. The dashing duo that explored a whole 90,000 kms crossing 50 countries in a single car- Tushar Agarwal and Sanjay Madan are also on teh jury. Finally, there’s Arjun Venkatraman , the technoyogi , also known as the modern aadivasi. He is working on achieving global connectivity using inexpensive technologies with a focus on isolated communities (hence the term Aadivasi).

So wait no longer and do participate to be a part of this wonderful exploration. Remember- in great attempts it is glorious even to fail. And who knows you could be the one flying to Machu Picchu.