Neung Roi- Review

The ability to bring together disparate ingredients cohesively in a tantalising combination is what Thai cuisine is all about and hence Neung Roi has been on my wishlist ever since I moved to the millennium city. Located in the Radisson Blu Plaza, Mahipalpur the wonderful hotel bang on Nh8, this place has been lauded for its superlative performance by one and all. The door opened and I stepped into a tranquil, serene, place which can calm the noisiest brain. The menu showcases food from different regions of Thailand and also offers some interesting information on the same. The yellow table runners add the right dash of colour to the otherwise earthen palette of the restaurant.

Miang Kham with its tongue tantalising assemblage of diverse flavours, set the right tone  for the gorgeous lunch that was to follow. Starters included Yam Yam O which was a Pomello salad that successfully showcased the complexity and boldness of  Thai flavours. Tohu Song Kurg seemed interesting and the contrast of the sweetness of tofu with the bitterness of betel leaves is strikingly delicious. These were served in  pandanus‘cups weaved by the Chef herself .Tod Man Khao Pod were crispy corn fritters served with sweet chilli sauce.

Mains were really diverse with some stir fried kale which is a dynamo of health and was cooked with the right bite. Phad kee maow tohu was a medley of vegetables with tofu and was subtle and light. Gaeng Om is Jackfruit cooked the Thai way and is highly recommended. Honestly I was here for the desserts, genuine Thai being difficult to find elsewhere and what a spread Neung Roi has to offer! The Tub tim krob was the best I’ve had in the city, those red rubies in coconut milk were a treat for the tastebuds .Khao Tom Mud is a delectable delight which is fruity ,sticky and yummy. My favourite dessert Khao niew Mamuang, the Thai classic wins you with its simplicity and elegance. The best part was that all that food didn’t leave me feeling heavy at all.

Chef Yenjai Suthiwaja manages a feat by rustling up diverse food with authentic ingredients from different parts of Thailand successfully, making this a really exclusive dining experience.