Spectre; the Bond legacy fails to excite

Why James Bond fails to excite with his latest debacle "Spectre". Mr Bond has somewhat lost his suave, candid and bonafide masochism  that would exude on screen otherwise.

With great cinematography and action sequences, Spectre has portrayed a dark image of villainous tyranny while still managing to rake in $ 682 million so far. And that is by far greater than what was earned by Quantum or Skyfall.

The over fit Daniel Craig has never appealed to me as a Bond. Brosnan was way superior inspite of the missing bulges. The famous M, went transforming from a female to a male. It is often good to accept change and variety but somewhere, something is amiss in Spectre.

The first week response to Spectre was spectacular but fell a whooping 70% in collections in the second week itself, and this I am talking about global viewer-ship. Monica Belucci was barely visible and can be absolutely ignored in her presence in totality.

Mr. Hinx, the action villain in the movie screwed a $ 1 million orange Jaguar while Bond fucked his lovely Aston Martin royally. Infact, the villain's car was noticed more than the Aston Martin! The first time, that this has happened to a Bond! Why is the James Bond franchisee dwindling itself? Are they planning to end the whole gamut of Bond! And specially when you see the MI6 headquarters being brought down to the ground by a series of string bombs denoted at the base of the building?

Christoph Waltz, who is an amazing actor (from the fame of DJango Unchained, Inglorious Basterds) was completely wasted in the movie. Initially portrayed as a powerful lord of the underworld and master and perpetrator of Quantum and Skyfall, and murderer of M, he was a complete waste at the end. A powerful villain left to get arrested by London cops while Bond walks away with his flame! Waltz could have been used much better!

In all, Spectre failed somewhere but like a Bond buff that I am, I do not mind the Rs. 220 I spent to watch it once!