Carnatic Cafe - the yummylicious southern touch!

A Delhi restaurant review after a long time. Here goes! The head of my organisation is from one of the southern states of India and it was this great benevolent man, who chanced upon Carnatic Cafe one fine day with his family. Having had a meal here, Mr Head was head over heels with CC! Quickly, this love is his was directly marketed to me, with a clear recommendation that I visit it too. Appraisals being near, I blindly went to CC!

 After walking for 5 minutes from my residence, I was at CC today for a southy meal. The interiors surprised me because of its simplicity just like most eateries in the south. Simple copper topped tables and chairs. 

    Without thinking twice, please order the 18th Cross Maleshwaram dosa. This ghee and molagapodi based thick dosa is a super awesome dosa. No usual fillings inside and is accompanied with 3 chutneys and sambhar. Brilliant and filling and I got to admit that its a super duper dosa!

The wangi (brinjal) rice was super tasty as well. It tasted better than veg biryani and had the aroma of ghee. Lovely choice of rice, loved it to the core!

The Paddu (not pronounced like the fart word) but with a sharply pronounced "d" is basically 6 round lentil balls served with the 3 chutneys. This is an ok stuff which I feel will taste great with filter coffee and as a snack.

We also ordered rice idlis which were amazingly soft and good. They came with the 3 chutneys as well and sambhar. The masala buttermilk was good.

Since their food is mostly made from pure ghee, it's predominantly a heavy meal after you've had a single dish. I am not a southern cuisine fan but CC's food is pretty much good and I relished most of them items. The 18th Cross is their flagship stuff which one should not miss!

So much for the love of food, just go to the 18th Cross Maleshwaram in our very own GK2!!


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