Christmas Special at Westin Gurgaon.

The biting cold did not deter my babies from dragging me to The Westin, Gurgaon for another culinary session which was a Christmas special. Chef Abdul Wahid taught us how to mix, fold, roll and cut out soem lipsmacking christmas goodies.  While I was too numb and cold to cook, my kids were gaily running around, all excited about the class. After a hearty treat of pastries they were all set to try their hands at baking cookies, while their lazy Mom kept sipping on an amazing latte offered by the lovely host. The enthusiasm with which both the babies S and D rolled out the dough, cut cookies and looked forward to seeing them baked was heartwarming. It did charge me up and nudged me to at least start clicking!

They have an amazing array of Christmas goodies something that will suit everyone and can also be good gifting options. The whole baking activity endowed The Westin with a very Christmassy aroma. I loved the wreaths made of old magazines that spruced up the hotel. While I gorged on the stollen bread surrendering to gluttony, the rest were happily munching the crispy ginger cookies. The kids too loved the products of their earlier efforts and enjoyed the other creations by the Chef as well. To make your christmas droolworthy, I am sharing a simple recipe which was taught that day.
Christmas Ginger Cookies
Almond Flour- 1000gm
Honey- 400 gm
Soda 23 gm
Brown Sugar-275 gm
Whole Wheat Flour- 185 gm
Whole eggs 4 nos
Ginger Bread spice 18 gm
Milk – 110 Ml
Royal Icing;
Egg White 1no
Icing sugar- 200 gm
Mix the dry and wet ingredients separately. Then mix them together thoroughly.
Inject Steam before putting the mix in the oven.
Before baking , cover the cookies with royal icing. This has to be baked at 170 deg C for 25 minutes.
And need I add, after baking please do call me over to help polish them off ;)
Merry Christmas!!!