Domino's Introduces Two New Delights !

Domino’s Pizza- the family favourite for millions across the world- launched 2 new specialities here recently. I appreciate big , established chains making efforts to stay relevant in the market and not get swayed by their dominion sinking into complacence. Domino’s has forever been working on its taglines, its advertisements, offers and definitely food. With over 72 pc market share in India and  above 600 outlets , dominos is constantly evolving to cater to the changing trends and setting some in the industry. And that means more happy customers- which no one can argue with.

Moi got a chance to interact with chef who explained how their food walks which are not just domestic but also international inspire a lot of their food. The Malabar Paratha inspired their Tacos. I tasted their zingy parcel for the 1st time. This bundle of flavours comes at a mere Rs 29/- which is unbelievable. My pet peeve is a lack of thin crust pizza that’s’ also healthy and finally that has been addressed by the introduction of Double Cheese Crunch to the menu. This is a double layered thin crust pizza filled with cheese. I am sure the description  will get you drooling, imagine two crispy layers of pizza base with cheese encased between them. This decadent base is then topped with peppers, jalapenos and more cheese. It’s saucy, it’s crispy and completely droolicious.

For those who grew up enjoying custard treats and still feel nostalgic at the mention of them, dominos has introduced just the thing for you. The custard bliss is gooey custard in a soft pastry covering, sprinkled with some sugar and just the right hint of cardamom that will make you gobble it up and ask for more.
Dominos is synonymous with indulgence and the latest additions firmly stamp that mark on this chain.