Luxury shopping at the click of a button.

Luxehues.xom is the latest e-commerce venture of The Luxury Hues Group, which is strives to maintain a dominant position in multiple segments in the luxury business. The group has been in operation for six (06) years now and is a one of its kind offering in the Indian market. This website is dedicated to providing Luxury brands to its customers and that too at affordable price tags! They present brands of International Origin as well as Indian Designer brands.
As per their Joint Managing Director Mr Amit Dutta, the Luxury segment is growing at a very fast pace and the vision of Luxehues is to make premium and luxury products accessible to its customers and within this they are particularly targeting the more affordable segment-hence offering a great value proposition- perhaps the best in India in the segment.

They are mainly focusing on European and American brands and some select Indian Designers- a non-exhaustive list of categories would include Perfumes, handbags, Footwear, Sports Accessories, Eyewear, Watches, Apparels and Jewellery. One of the reasons Luxehues is able to provide such a fantastic value to its customers is that it deals directly with Principal Brands as a vertically integrated supply chain.

The uniqueness of the platform that Luxehues provides is that it allows affiliated brands to showcase their offerings in terms of products and/ or services in an exclusive manner. This enables them to provide limited period offers which ultimately benefit the customer. As per this is the unique positioning that enables them to maximise value both for the brands and the customers.

This was also conveyed by their Joint Managing Director Mr Peter Raj Kapoor, who basically conveyed that Luxehues is a platform that bridges the gap between luxury brands and premium ethnic wear on one hand and targets customers who are looking for these products on the other. He also indicated that it is this format of Luxhues that lets a brand differentiates its offerings.
A glimpse of what brands are available can be discerned from this again non-exhaustive list: SEGWAY, SEAPRO, PORSCHE DESIGN, ROMANSON, BALLY, BRILLIER, Java Plum, PHILIP STEIN, POON Switzerland, BALLY, BRILLIER, Java Plum, PHILIP STEIN, POON Switzerland, FCUK, Calvin Klein, GANT, Nautica, TW STEEL, TOBE, SEIKO, SILVIO TOSSI, SWISSTEK, TAG Heuer and TISSOT.
Like any good business, the folks at have a pretty detailed target customer in mind. Their typical target customer is one who is well-to-do and at the same time tech savvy, the 30 or 40 something year old metrosexual, residing in metros and at most the top tier 2 cities, with a household income of 60 lacs, holidaying abroad every once in a while and is conscious of brands, i.e., only wants the ones that are the most respected.