New Pasta Menu at PizzaExpress .

As PizzaExpress completes 50 years, they have been organizing a flurry of innovative and enjoyable events to celebrate the occasion. I got to be a part of the chef’s table at the Ambience Mall outlet which showcases the launch of new items on the menu.
A surprise awaited us in  - an exhilarating pizza making competition! It had 4 groups vying for the prize, divided equally in vegetarian and non-vegetarian teams. It was fun being taught about the dough, how to roll, flare and top a pizza. And then the tasting began. Penne Siciliana impressed me the most; it’s just such a flavoursome medley of numerous ingredients from spiced aubergines, mozzarella and all this topped with greeny goodness of basil. I love aubergines and cheese and somehow this vegetable tastes even better in Italian cuisine than it does in regular Indian cooking. Penne con peppa dew was a creamy wholesome pasta offering which I really relished. Peppa dew imparts just the right combination of fieriness and sweetness which tantalizes the tongue. My favourite Banoffee pie was the dessert I chose and this was fabulous. Just thinking about it makes my jaw ache…. The crispy biscuit base, rich caramel and all this topped with fresh banana slices turned into an excellent fare to end our meal with.

In between all this mayhem of gorging on fabulous food the chef came with our pizzas which were now baked and ready to be devoured. I can proudly claim that despite ours being a vegetarian pizza it was relished by even the hardcore carnivores and that speaks volumes about its quality. Also as a part of the anniversary celebration Pizzaexpress is on a gifting spree. The ipads are already taken but iphones and that trip to Italy could very much be yours. So hurry and check out the menu at the Pizzaexpress outlet which is closest to you.