Sunday, making mattresses fashionable

The first of its kind dedicated sleep start up in the country, Sunday ( strives to fill a basic gap in the market for standardised mattresses.Founder Alphonse Reddy says, “We have the experience of running India’s only market place for premium sleep products with Fabmart and what we realized was the current mattress buying experience is quite broken for a consumer. They have to choose from a number of models with little differentiation and with hi-tech buzzwords of little value and are left completely mystified. We spent almost 12 months in the development process of our mattress and pillow, which we considered two of the most important sleep products.”

 With considerable innovation and refinement they’ve launched designer mattresses. Designed by acclaimed Japanese designer, Hiroko Shiratori, the look is a blend of simplicity and elegance. The pillows come paired with the mattresses, remodeling the way we viewed mattresses so far. 

They also redefine mattress buying as they offer a 100-day free trial to first time customers and have interesting surprises for their patrons, from time to time keeping them engaged.

 The USP of the Sunday pillow is that it consists of 0.7 Denier microfiber,which is the finest fiber available with 50% more filling than of a standard pillow. This ensures that the pillow is soft (because of usage of finest microfiber) but at the same time prevents the pillow from flattening out.

The highly specialized mattresses come in two variants, ruling out confusion- Sunday Ortho Plus which is relatively firm and meant for older people and those with back problems, and Sunday Latex plus, a softer version for the urban young. The pillows have been designed according to the mattress type and whether one is a side sleeper or a back sleeper. The ‘delight pillows’ are made of very fine microfiber and there is a ‘Sunday topper’ for those who want to make their mattress softer and a ‘Sunday protector pad’ for those who want to make their mattress last longer and stay hygienic.

It is the first mattress brand in India that is using 100% latex certified by European standards.
The collection comprises of mattresses, pillow, topper and protector pad, which are highly comfort oriented yet adhering to the international trend of a clean, minimalistic look. Each product nattily carries the Sunday monogram.


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