Super menu launch at Cafe Coffee Day

Café Coffee Day or as the popular and now ubiquitous coffee shop is often referred to- CCD launched its “Supermenu” at their CP outlet on 16th Dec 2015. Sanjiv Mendiratta, the group Advisor for F and B apprised those present about this new introduction to the menu. According to them -simple ingredients, powerful flavours- that is how the menu can be summed up. As we are all aware a regular CCD outlet witnesses a steady influx of customers from all age groups but mainly 20-35 at all times of the day. They cannot be satiated by the same offering at all times and customization had become imperative. To address this issue CCD has launched a new variety menu which is designed to take care of breakfast, lunch and even dinner pangs for most of us. Keeping in line with the global look and feel of their food there’s a lot of innovation here in that respect. What I saw was very appealing indeed.

The newly introduced burgers are huge. The chicken burger has a grilled patty and the veg version is baked. That is good news for a lot of waistlines! The burger is cheesy and flavourful and IMO does not need any additional condiments at all. Despite the baking, the patty was crisp and that is a good sign. To keep one warm this winter they’ve introduced soups in 2 flavours- Mushroom and tomato. The tomato is one of my favourites but I was equally impressed by the mushroom variety which had some chunks of the vegetable that lent a bite to it. Moreover, this is served with a side of garlic toast. To maintain the coffee theme, these soups are served in coffee mugs and with a frothy surface which is not cream but dairy foam.

The healthivores who like their bread whole wheat and multi grain, these are the new additions. The breads, I must mention were a textural delight. They’re soft inside and crunchy outside, screaming to be savoured by you soon. The one thing that CCD needs to incorporate in their menu is salads and that may be a possibility soon. It’s a heartening move when established chains take consumer feedback seriously and implement those suggestions. The most successful business are those that are willing to listen and change as per the wants, needs, likes and dislikes of their customers. So long live CCD!