The Kylin Experience !

Think elegance, and roof-top and the only restaurant that comes to mind is Kylin. While the lower level is appropriate for me as somebody who does not love winters, most people will love the terrace which is surreal .Canopies, cozy seating, Greens ushering an element of freshness - this place is balm for the soul. Saurabh Khanijo, the man behind this beauty has an eye for detail and that reflects in every corner of this picture perfect place. I happily sank into my chair letting the ambience’s magic serenade me.
Justifying its commitment to serving oriental cuisine Kylin showcases both robotayaki and the teppanyaki styles of cooking. Like every time herbivore me had  reservations before stepping into an oriental restaurant and this time was no different. But my fears were allayed by a huge variety of meat free dishes that covered the wide spectrum of eastern cuisine. Dimsums cooked pitch perfect (wonder how they manage that) with precise covering and the stuffing cooked with  just the right bite- as was evident in the Bokchoy and black Mushroom Dimsum. An aesthetically pleasing sushi roll with avocado and shitake was served with soy ginger sauce and sent me in a tizzy- the sauce’s firepower flavor complementing the subtlety of the sushi .The mushroom and leek did not work for me personally as I found the leek a little too pungent for my taste. Eggplant served with teppenyaki rice made me swoon. The salty, spicy miso and black bean sauce transformed this humble vegetable into a relishable affair and the teppenyaki rice was impressive even on its own. The Kung Pao Tofu combines the nuttiness derived from peanuts and the earthiness of mushroom resulting in flavours that are so intense and rich – It makes one go “wow” with every bite.

Kylin’s new offering is the Sundowner Sunday which is an inclusive deal of beer with barbecue at a very affordable  Rs. 995 ++ per head .Doesn’t that simply  sound like the perfect Sunday activity this season?
Inspired cooking, ethereal ambience Kylin is a sophisticated beauty that shall be savoured by me again and again for a long time to come. It’s hugely commendable how they serve captivating food that manages to zing up oriental food just the right bit for the Indian palate while subtly retaining its own character.