Warehouse Cafe comes to Gurgaon.

Warehouse café ,  Cp’s favourite hangout place finally comes  to Gurgaon . Located in the busy sec 29 market the place is spacious as the name suggests with double level seating, although the basement is what beckoned us on that chilly day. An unused roulette table lends a sense of quirkiness.

They have some amazing non alcoholic options and I asked for the Chilli Flamenco It combines the citrusy freshness of orange with the punch of chilli and the sweetness  of peach rending an extremely potent concoction. The food is a combination of various cuisines and the wide array is impressive. We started off with my favourite Mumbai  Pao Platter  which is the bambaiyya vada pav and impressed everyone with its feistiness. Malai Soya Seekh was  melt in the mouth kind of soft. 

 Phuket paneer does not just have an unique name but also tastes out of the world. Paneer slices are  coated and tossed in a delicate and aromatic Thai  seasoning, which leaves a lasting impression. The Raw Papaya salad set my mouth on fire with an overdose of chilli in it and  hence is better best avoided. Mains were Tofu and cashewnut in hot chilli sauce which packed in a punch and lent the right amount of heat on a really cold day. Assorted mushrooms in spicy bean sauce tantalised the tongue and and was yummiliscious. The pan fried noodles ,with loads of vegetables cooked to perfection will soon amass its own loyal fans.

My sweet jaw was delighted at the vast array of dessert and we chose the Phirni and blueberry cake which is a layered dessert . A crisp biscuit base loaded with Phirni and finished off with some blueberry compote on top evoked mixed reaction. The Apple crumble , crispy, buttery with a hint of spice was as comforting as it’s supposed to be.
The place looks promising, the staff was well trained and the service was  impeccable. All I can say Welcome to the neighbourhood .

Where – Warehouse Café-, Plot 11-12, Ground Floor , sec 29, Gurgaon.


  1. Sure seems like a great place with some great food, judging by your pictures.


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