Amita Sathe Bambawalle Launches "Dinner Decor"

As an ex-army wife, I can say that when in the army, table décor was an essential part of hospitality. I have relaxed a lot as a civilian but it does add oodles of charm to any affair- be it a lunch or dinner and it’s not very easy to grasp either. While the basics seems simplistic, one tends to get bored of routine stuff and don’t we all like variety? To rescue you from this dilemma is Amita Sathe Bambawalle’s new book “Dinner Décor”. And it truly lives up to its title.
As the wife of a diplomat who has been positioned at important levels, she had to entertain some privileged guests she does have lots of experience to share. The book stresses on the importance of décor, and how various factors combine together to create a winning look (and in this case book ;-)).

At the launch of the book she gave some useful pointers to consider like:
  • Economy- One can use a lot of things that otherwise go waste, or simple things from the garden to spruce up the table. For instance she painted wood shavings and used them as napkin rings.
  • Incorporating elements from different cultures in welcoming guests from foreign countries- like the time she used Tibetan butter lamps in Bhutan.
  • Out of the box ideas- she used orange peels as candle holders and Cut fruits were a centerpiece in another setting. There’s no need to restrict ourselves to fancy candelabras.
  • Height of the centrepiece – a table should encourage conversation. Using fancy pieces that are too high may prove to be a hindrance and hence are best avoided.
The Leela Palace, New Delhi  was the perfect venue for the launch of this book. The grand ballroom with its opulence exudes luxury and grandeur.It spans across 3485 sq feet , can host upto 300 guests and is the perfect venue for weddings, pre weddings, anniversaries,meetings and special celebrations. The food at The Leela amazed me yet again with its consistency and was par excellence.For banquets the capital’s most elegant ballrooms and a beautifully landscaped open air terrace at The Leela Palace New Delhi are the perfect venues for all your high profile business events and social gatherings.