Biryani Art- Hyderabadi biryani in Gurgaon

After a superlative experience at Smoked Biryani house , Noida I really wished  for  a similar place in Gurgaon and my wish has been granted. Dharmender Singh launched his outlet Biryani Art at Supermart 1 last month. The place is small but clean .The walls adorned with frames that speak about Biryani. The menu is small and concise which is always a good thing .

The Falooda Roohafza made me curious and I loved the extra sweet pretty looking  drink. Well I wasn’t watching my weight that day and once in a blue moon sugar’s good. For starters I asked for the Mushroom 65 which was super spicy but again I loved it although one  can ask for a less hot version if you don’t like the spice much. We tried the Gobhi 65 which was tangy and yummy. They have only two vegetarian options in varieties in Biyani. I asked for the Soya Dum Biryani which I felt was a bit dry and needs some moisture. The Subz Dum Biryani was super flavourful and is highly recommended. The salan although well made , was  hardly touched ,since the biryani was extremely flavourful on its own. The pricing is another reason that will ensure loyal patrons.

Now for Meetha, Yes they serve khubaani ka meetha  wih icecream which will be another reason for me revisiting this place .I can never have enough of this dessert and it’s not very easily found either. The one at Biryani Art is so decadent , It will leave you hungry for more.

Where- Biryani Art, 202-203, SuperMart 1, gurgaon, Dlf Phase 4.