Christmas at One Horizon Center

The warm winter sun impelled me to step out of the confines of my home and a Christmas brunch at One Horizon Center sounded like the perfect plan. What also worked for me was its location at golf course road that is just a stone’s throw from my  abode. This building has always intrigued me with its distinctive shape, the impressive tinted glass facade and larger than life appearance- infact it reminds me of the oracle headquarters at San Francisco and coincidentally this building also hosts Oracle India. A JV between DLF & Hines- it is the preferred office space for some of the best companies globally. An indicative list of companies which have already joined the bandwagon is Apple, Coca Cola, Oracle, GSK and Zomato. I also discovered a healthy side of putting up in this marvellous complex- the air quality here is 20 times better than the air quality outside. Healthy lungs and longevity apart from delighting your taste-buds; well those are the perks of stepping into One horizon.
Tracing back the discussion on food and Xmas, this place is home to a number of food trucks, restaurants and cafes which cater to a diverse palate. Right from Oriental to Indian, Burmese to Italian- name it and you’ll probably get it. So let me give you a glimpse of the stuff that I tried here:

Drifter’s cafĂ©- Undoubtedly the best of the lot and serves oriental food. We tried the Popiah Thord which was spring rolls, Crispy in texture and aromatic due to lemon grass- at just INR 100 this one’s a steal! The Water chestnut and Corn Dimsums with its succulent covering and yummy filling impressed tremendously. The Balinese Curry was a really spicy version of Thai curry but that heat warmed my insides on a cold day and I will definitely go back for this. I look forward to gorging on their awesome food again for a detailed review.
Dosa inc-This truck dishes out a variety of dosas but they really need to work on the accompaniments. The dosa clearly impressed but the chutneys and sambar are another matter. While they are palatable, they fail to make a mark and need to work really hard .
Rocket Chef offers stone baked pizzas and I tried the Shaslik Vegetable variety which has turned into my kiddos’ current favorite.
There was a kiosk selling Burmese khowsuey and at 200 bucks it was a steal both quality and quantity wise.
This was not all, we tried some desserts from The which were sinfully delicious. The Millionaire cake was decadently soft, rich and melt-in-the-mouth silky smooth- highly recommended.

An interesting scoop- very soon Delhi's oriental favourite , Kylin will launch its operations at one horizon. Also  my kiddos won’t have to bother travelling to Sec 29 for enjoying their favourite burgers at Wendy’s anymore, since this burger joint too will launch its operations here soon.
Presently the place is not open to public and is mostly to cater to the office crowd from the building itself, but that will change soon . So cheer on into the New Year as the One Horizon Center beckons one and all!