Glo - The Makeup App

Let’s admit it , for most of us who read cinderella it was the moment of her transformation that was the most alluring part of the story. We all wish to dress up, glam up to go to a fancy  ball but  aren’t blessed with a fairy godmother who can transform us at the swish of a wand. Infact in the busy hectic schedules we lead most women   like me  just rush to an event or a party  with barely any prep up only to realise we are under dressed. To rescue  you from this quandary and that too at the touch of a button ,is an app  called Glo and rightly named so.

I caught up with Sugandh Jolly the founder who herself has a penchant for brushes, powders and all thing transformatory, not that she needs it though. She mentioned how her own love for buying cosmetics that weren’t available in India led her to conceive Glo. What cemented her decision was the fact that for those who had access to the stuff still did not know how to use it, Which is a pertinent issue . The co founder Garima Bhandari  strongly feels that every woman deserves to look beautiful and pampered every once in a while. I got to experience glo app and here’s why I would recommend it-

Get ready in a jiffy- for most working women or even homemakers time is a premium these days. A visit to the salon from appointment to commute  can upset our regular schedules and hence is avoided , Glo  transforms you in the comfort of your home, no more getting stuck in traffic jams.
Look book- With around 17-18 looks and new ones added regularly, there is something for everyone. They currently have 25 stylists onboard some of them have worked with celebrities.
Glo kit- This is like candyland   for makeup lovers . Comprising of premium products and most of them unavailable in India, this is why every woman needs to experience glo at least once. The products are sourced from brands like  Urban Decay , Anastasia to Mac.

It’s premium service at affordable rates so the next time you want to put your best foot forward and be the showstopper try Glo.