Organic Harvest's range of Lip Balms

Chapped lips are just part and parcel of winter woes. It’s not just the cracking that’s painful ,it even leads to darkening of the lips and that is not a pretty sight. If you are one who  loves  pouting for pictures then it’s a disaster to have dry lips. Moi was browsing for lip balm options and came across Organic Harvest’s range of lip balms. It comes in four varieties viz, Pomegranate, Green apple , Strawberry and Shea.  I chose the Shea Butter version .
Like every other organic harvest product and as the name suggests these are organic and are devoid of harmful chemicals. The packaging is cute . It’s a spherical shape case that’s pink in colour and very girly . honestly my kids’ were quite intrigued and it’s the packing that made me daughter keep this one with her.

Shea butter’s moisturising qualities have been proven by several studies and the presence of this element in the lip balm, locks the moisture in .This keeps your lips from drying and leaves them soft and supple. Tired of those tubes where you have to squeeze out the balm? Or the other kind where one has to roll out the product and that ends up breaking it. This one is a roll on kind and hence very easy to apply and does not lead to unnecessary wastage either.
With the Organic Lips range of  balms go ahead and smile , pout or even kiss confidently .