Premium yet affordable Sushis at Sushi Junction.

 I vividly remember the disgust at my 1st sushi experience in California. I am never trying this again in my life, I told my sister and I was so wrong.  Today this Japanese delicacy has won me over with its myriad avatars and flavours.  I love the fact that it’s turning into a family favourite. The best part is the health quotient. They are low calorie and the seaweed which is used to wrap sushis are very high in calcium and  protein . Besides its so accessible ,Infact you can order  sushis in the comfort of your home through Sushi Junction  which delivers premium yet affordable fare ,read on to find out how much of awesomeness this place is.

Sushi junction is owned by a Japanese national Tomonago Tejima who combines his love for traditional food along with a stellar professional experience. He’s ex Mckinsey  Guys! Their tagline is sushi goes desi but that’s only to get non sushi lovers to develop a taste. One of these I tried was the Curry Bean sushi which  is Rajma Chawal , the quintessential Indian favourite in the form of sushi. This comes with a side of curry sauce which has an acquired taste. I can’t think of a more innovative way to ensure Indians to try this eastern delicacy. For those who are already accustomed to sushis there’s a whole variety of  rolls .The Bonsai Veg roll with asparagus, eggplant and carrot comes with a side of ABC sauce which was phenomenal. Pickled radish roll encases a wedge of radish which lends just the right bit of pungency .  Who doesn’t love Tempura and the Asparagus Tempura is a sushi rolled with this fried delight.

Indians may have accepted Sushis but our hearty appetites need more and Sushi Junction caters to this demand with a huge variety of mains. I tried the Veg Tempura rice bowl which was satiating . However It was the  Kimchi Fried rice with vegetables  that had the  right bite was spicy, healthy and all those  colours making  it a visual delight that I shall recommend.

If you are organizing a shindig , a birthday party or  even a big fancy affair Sushi Junction will look after your catering needs too.  Sushis sound perfect for  any event since one can binge on them without having to worry about piling kilos.
Ending on an exciting note is a scoop for all parents like me whose kids love Doraemon. Sushi Junction will be introducing Dora cakes on their menu very soon and My kids can’t wait. What about yours?
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