The New Coffee Range at Dunkin Donuts

How many of you  are aware of the fact that Dunkin’ Donuts- a place synonymous with donuts- is also the world’s 2nd largest coffeehouse chain?I am not a big fan of coffees that are available at the popular chains, with an overdose of froth and sugar they can be best described as “pedestrian”. When Dunkin’s announced their new range it failed to stir any excitement in me since I perceived it to be another line of overly priced, insipid coffee. What was presented to me however floored me and here’s what the latest offerings are:

1.    Bangalore Start Up- this one’s for easy drinking, the one you can take in copious amounts on a brainstorming session or while working late nights. The name Bangalore is derived from their inspiration of South Indian Coffee. Priced at Rs. 69/-.
2.    Tough Guy Capuccino - with 3 shots of espresso and laced with brandy this one is definitely tough and packs a punch. The thing that slightly turned me off however was the froth on the surface. Since when did tough guys start liking froth? But then it’s a cappuccino and that justifies the forth.
3.    Therapeutic Capuccino -one word for this heavenly! It’s hot, its cold, its creamy, its sweet, its bitter. Such a contrast of textures and flavours. Priced at Rs150/-, this is the perfect therapy for those recovering from say, a heartbreak.
4.    Dunkin Black Coffee - this is an improvisation on the Americano. A slice of lemon mellows the bitterness of this beverage. With the calorie count as low as 2, it can be guzzled guiltfree and shall keep you going forever.
How can a coffee at Dunkin go without a donut? When quizzed about which donut goes best with the above mentioned beverages the answer was simple- a glazed donut.

These misty mornings will definitely see me dunking the glazed donut in the Dunkin black. What about you?