The One Lash Resistance Mascara by Oriflame

I am not the in-your –face makeup kind of person and like to keep it really simple and subtle.  Like most Indians I also like my eyes  to stand out too and an easy trick is to use the right mascara. Hassle free and easy transformation  in a moment.
I came across Oriflame’s One Lash Resistance Mascara and am obsessed with it these days. It’s easy to carry around , the packaging is cool and can easily fit into the smallest clutch.

Lash resistance mascara will make your peepers stand out and not in your face kind  eyelashes ,but elegant ones. The double edged brush bristles helps coat evenly and volumises the lashes making them appear really big and not flaky either. Did I mention it’s waterproof? So if you are dancing the night away to glory and worried about sweat ruining your eyes then you can relax. I know this will also sound like a godsend for those who love to cry , we don’t need the mascara running when we are crying out in joy.This mascara will not smudge or fall off it stays , as long as you don’t take it off without drying the lashes. Trust me I’ve spent really long hours without having to worry about retouching the lashes.
So this party season get your hands on Oriflame’s One lash resistance mascara.