5 Easy Steps to become a Food Blogger !

A question that’s frequently put to me is how did you become a Food blogger?. I cringe at that term as it reduces my blog to a food blog whereas it is much more than that. Also because the only information the person’s interested in is how I manage to get invited by restaurants for reviews. So for beginners and budding food bloggers here’s some faux gyaan;
1. Get a handle on Tomato, Sleazydiner or Freegalideals. Visit the nukkad ka chaiwala and review him and others on this site. Follow, follow , follow  people till you get a reasonable amount following you back, then unfollow them, as simple as that. Next walk into a restaurant, meet the owner since he’s around and brag about your “red star” for a meal on the house with family. Tomato is your weapon, even rockstars are afraid of being pelted with them how can restaurants not be!

2. Ping/whtaspp/Inbox/mail chefs, PR ‘s and restaurateurs to invite you for a review. After all you have “x” number of followers on Tomato or are an influential reviewer on Sleazy Diner and can’t be taken lightly. You have decided it’s time to for an upgrade from the nukkadwala and now it’s 5 stars hotels (ofcourse affordability is not an issue for you, thanks to Tomato) who need your honest critique to better their standards and you are the most qualified person to give them that kinda advice.
3. Check in – this is such a powerful tool for bloggers after all that’s our job to boost the visibility of any place. So check in even if you are in your classroom/ home or the backyard. And Facebook pampers its users so much so you could be in Delhi drinking the pedestrian coffee at CCD but you can still check in at Wasabi Bombay ,after all who’s going to bother finding out the reality. Oh and the over enthusiastic ones check in before a restaurant even opens (figure out the reason).

4. Start a foodgroup - When one realizes it’s too much of a hassle to write a blog, and since most can’t manage 2 sentences in the Queen’s language , this is the next option. Get every family member, langotiya yaar, langotiya yaar ke family members and/or fellow aspiring food bloggers to make a tomato handle, promise the restaurateur positive reviews on tomato and all that jazz about making it trend and go party till the last drop of booze exists. And we don’t worry about rules, How dare the barman tell us that the bar’s closed, he can’t afford to be trashed on social media.
5.Instagram/ Twiitter- when one realizes 300 words is out of his league then try insta/twitter. All you gotta do is take pics and upload. And  as for followers repeat the  same trick you did on Tomato -follow, follow follow and then unfollow them all. Teach your groupie friends the same trick and go party in a group. If that’s not enough and you want more freebies run a contest on your  group’s instagram  handle and declare yourself the winner!
6. Slam/trash/ negative review- When one’s tried everything and it didn’t work this will surely get the attention that was eluding ya. Trash the most popular/ trending or newest restaurant or steal content from other bloggers. Just about anything that can put you in limelight even if for the wrong reason it will drive traffic to your blog. Like they say in showbiz- bad publicity is good publicity!

Now you must be wondering why did I mention 5 points when there are 6? Well if you figure that out then that’s a blogging tip I gave for free that actually works. And this is how it all started for me. Oops just realized I let the cat outta the bag ;)


  1. You said it! Sadly, a lot of people will not see the humour in it since it is all true for them.

  2. This is too good and everyone is doing all this to become a food blogger in just 5 easy steps.Now there is no value for those who reaseach on food and explore new places.

  3. This is called the free loader problem in economics.

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