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 This valentine’s day let me help you simplify your life by imparting some tips on reading a person via their dietary habits .Food nourishes, nurtures ,heals and helps us bond with each other. Can anyone deny the truth about phrase: “the way to a man’s (or woman’s) heart is through his/ her stomach”? Well since this is true then one can also find out about the juicy details of their partner if they focussed a little on the food preferences. The next time on a date use the following tips to find out what your object of affection is like between the sheets

Gourmet fare aficionado: He/she has eyes only on the most coveted person in the room. They are afraid to open up and need to be handled with care. This is someone who desires a partner who will motivate, inspire and stand by him/her like the rock of Gibraltar.On a date night ensure wearing well fitted, tailored clothes, nothing OTT, subtle but elegant- that’s how it should be. In the bedroom, be assured of nothing but the best and ladies- this man will treat you like a queen in every sphere of life.

Organic/ health food junkie, vegetarian: This person is brimming with ideas, curious, altruistic and the kind you can take home to meet the parents. They prefer partners who are sophisticated, well read and in good shape.The sex is clean, kinky, thoughtful and these most definitely  are the proverbial “make-love” kind of people. However, it must be said they are very hard to get and also high maintenance. Intellectual connect, deeper, life-changing, transformational kind of relationship is the goal here.

Street food junkie: This person lives in the moment and finds temptation hard to resist. The ones with devil may care attitude; casual clothes are what they live in. Simplicity and substance is what attracts them. Comfort is the keyword here along with the desire to be their true selves.Such a person gets put off by pretence and façade. The word commitment  is scary for this type. Easy going, trustworthy, fun loving and the 2:00am friend, this one’s for keeps.

Experimenting different cuisines: Think Fifty shades of grey (without the pain though). This person loves to experiment in bed. Handcuffs, Toys, role  playing, anything goes here. Kinky, out of the box, ready for anything , anytime ,anywhere, the bedroom too is a laboratory .

Fast food  :Found someone who loves gorging on McD’s and subways even if budget’s not a constraint. Unless you desire a one night stand or a friends-with-benefits kind of scenario, stay away.This one believes in quantity over quality; ladies beware“Wham bam thank you mam” will be music to his ears. The guy loves beer, fizzy drinks and his interest in you will also fizzle out soon. If you still go ahead trust me, he’ll not be very helpful in cleaning the dishes  after hogging the greasy fries either.

Dessert lovers, cheese lover:  Prefers stability and will take his/her own sweet time to know you, your secrets, the teenage crush, the first kiss, your dreams, etc. The kind, generous type, they are  loyal, likely to be a homebody watching TV shows on the couch and talking about the house with the white fence and a lawn where the future kids play with the pet Labrador. Fancy some rum/ tartness in the dessert? This type is the social butterfly, loves meeting new people, engaging in small talk, is good with finances and does well career-wise.

Extra spicy:The traveller, risk taker, adventure sports lover and that love of outdoors even means making out in the open aka PDA galore. The one who loves grinding and bumping in the club is also more likely to add Tabasco to his food or devours extra spicy golgappas .They also love dressing up ( Most have a statement style of their own)bling, quirky anything that stands out and is not run of the mill.

Extra Toppings, Sprinkles, maple syrup: This is the drama loving, aggressive, competitive types; they love the thrill of a chase and being the centre of attraction.On the contrary the one who likes his ice-cream fuss free or is a Pizza Margherita lover is plain and simple, an open book and perennially in love or sold out to the idea of love.

Drunken sex: Needs alcohol or dope to get his mojo working? then this person needs a psychiatrist first. There are issues buried that need to be dealt with, too much hurt and pain that needs to be cured before embarking on a serious relationship.
Overall I’d say, a huge appetite for food also indicates a huge sexual appetite (provided the body allows it).

If a man goes the extra mile to find out about your favourite food and makes reservations in advance, besides going the extra mile picking you up and then dropping you all the way- thank your stars. This also holds true if the man /woman whips up a meal at home considering your likes/dislikes. He’s the one who’s more likely to put in extra efforts everywhere else as well which also includes behind the bedroom door.

Stay away from a guy who takes you to the convenience store for a bite because he would not be too bothered about finding out a good place or spending any moolah. This relationship will lose steam;everything will get routine and mundane pretty quick.

Grabs the last slice/bite of food without asking: Well unless you are the philanthropic type then avoid this man/woman. It’ll always be his/her need before yours since selfish is the middle name.
Are you one of those who love conversing during the act? Then watch out for that dinner table conversation! If he/she is observing you, watching over what makes you drool, makes you tick- they’ll do the same in the bed… or the sofa/table/anywhere.

Word of caution – Tastes evolve, and most people I know are generally a combination of atleast 2 types so think before you conclude.
Now which type are you? Leave your feedback in the comments section :)


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