Indigo- review

 When a popular import from my city arrives in Delhi it definitely demands a visit. I am talking about the celebrated Indigo which is gaining a foothold in the capital city. As one steps into the plush one golden mile, one notices the outdoor seating facing the fountains which would be the ideal place for a lazy winter lunch. The cold evening air though compelled me to step indoors into an equally spacious and splendidly beautiful area. Neutral tones dominate the interior which lends tranquillity and overall has an extremely calming effect. For those who love their tipple there’s a spacious lounge/bar area too.

In the company of some of my favourite people I embark on the winter menu exploration. Warming my palate for the feast to follow was Wild Mushroom consomm√© that arrived with mini tagliatelle. Mille fuille brings to my mind a stuffed pastry but this one was a deconstructed version. The thin flaky pastry strips arrived with some whipped chevre and has mushrooms on the side. This not just looked picture perfect, but the contrast of textures from chewy mushrooms to the smoothness of cheese and the crunch of pastry all created one jubilant explosion in my mouth stimulating all  of my senses. One of my favourite forms of pasta is the gnocchi and it’s a pity that most restaurants don’t get it right. 
However, the Asparagus gnocchi drizzled with an onion rosemary emulsion changed my opinion. The woody, minty rosemary meets its match in confit garlic and some toasted almonds lending an enchanting nutty flavour to this beautiful medley. While this superlative taste lingered on my palate there arrived Caponata sandwiched between layers of phyllo pastry with some ratatouille and drenched in a tomato tarragon butter sauce topped with some mozzarella. The piquant mushy caponata and ratatouille were in stark contrast to the crispy phyllo and the creaminess of mozzarella only added more intensity to this delicacy.
Rounding off our meal that day was Belgian chocolate and hazelnut dome. I can describe it in a thousand ways but choose to skip- because some things are better experienced than read about.

Where – Indigo, One Golden mile, Opp Hyatt Regency, Netaji Nagar,New Delhi