PizzaExpress , New Menu- Review

 All that shopping with my bestie led to hunger pangs. Since she loves Pizzas and I had heard about some new additions by PizzaExpress to its already fabulous menu , we landed here for lunch . The regular menu got some sparkling new additions and they are worthy of being checked out soon.

We Started off with Dough balls, those cute little delights  now come with 2 new dips, the emilgrana & mushroom dip  and  pumpkin & mint dip. The mushroom lent earthiness to this creamy blend. Sunshine is the word in my mind when I describe the  the pumpkin dip which bowled me over by its a lovely nutty flavor due to pine nuts  that gelled with the slight sweetness of the pumpkin  and brightened my mood.  We ordered some pizzas and to quell our hunger in the meanwhile asked for some Risotto Mio. Al dente, soulful and cheesy with intense flavor, the risotto would have been fabulous except for the fact that I found it to be a bit  dry. The pizzas finally arrived, 1st one to be devoured was the  Soho 65 , a healthy pizza topped with loads of  rocket leaves which provides the right crunch with every bite .

Formaggi 65  is a napoleatan pizza with a nice chewy , but airy base topped with a blend of cheese mozzarella, buffalo mozzarella and emilgrana. Some shaved emilgrana on top makes it cheesier. Verdure Bianca with aurbergine , zuccini and mushroom would be classified as comfort food due to its freshness and the absence of any overpowering flavor.

The lovely afternoon ended with a Banoffee pie served with some vanilla gelato. The toffee, bananas and biscuit base send me reeling everytime  with its sweetness, stickiness and the crunch. It’s been a year and this dessert at PizzaExpress has the same effect on me. Thank God for small Mercies.