Princess Pea at Le Meridien, Delhi

The drop in temperature gave way to an extended vacation for the kids. Like every other mom while the 1st day saw me being thankful for an extra hour in bed , the next day had me scratching my head for ways to entertain the duo . An interactive session with Princess Pea at Le Meridien, New Delhi sounded like the perfect plan to spend a Saturday afternoon.

The kids were escorted to the kitchen area for this fun session. With aprons tied around their waist and the chef hats donned,the kids were all set to meet the artist. Princess Pea sat on a high stool shelling peas all calm and poised despite the horde of kids rushing towards her  and then the fun began. The giant mask evoked questions from the enthusiastic kids like, How does she breathe? Why does she not smile? And how does she hear in the absence of ears? The enthusiasm was contagious.

Next was a plethora of fun activities for them to do. While some rolled out interesting faux art from marzipan, the others learned the art of ├ęclair making. All the ├ęclairs were green keeping up with the theme. Another group of children filled  out vol au vent. It was fun to see them unleash their creativity by  painting eggs . The fun day culminated with an interesting buffet  spread that  was in tandem with the Pea theme. Pea incorporated in various recipes from samosas ,to shammi kebabs, laccha tokari and even Pasta . The Laccha Tokri was the piece de resistance with its interesting flavours and mindblowing  presentation .

As usual this was another well organized event by Le Meridien , Delhi and I look forward to many more.