Rawleaf- review

The dull grey skies have made me super lazy and cooking seems to be a chore I despise these days. Since I wished for a healthy meal at home, I decided to opt for RawLeaf at teh recommendation of friends.
The variety of salads that they offer is mindboggling and each seemed so tempting that I freaked out and ordered several. The Quinoa Cranberry combined the sweetness of cranberry with the freshness of Spinach to create a flavourful medley. Asia mix salad was julienned veggies doused in sweet chilli sauce which is my all-time favourite. The Pasta with pesto was quickly devoured by the kids, the pesto was fresh and the pasta cooked al dente all this at just 229 bucks.

Spinach with creamy Avocado again was very satisfying indeed. There are 2 vegetarian options in wrap while the Cottage Cheese with hummus is a proteinaceous option and very satiating. I love the Fresh veg wrap with Tzatziki. It was creamy; the veggies provided the right crunch and the mayo and tzatziki made for a deliciously creamy combination. The All Berries smoothie is a burst of antioxidants which boosts immunity in a relishable way. Among the fresh juices try “Fuel Up” with turmeric, that lends the right amount of pungency to balance the sweetness of pineapple and red apple juice concoction. This is a great alternative to hunger pangs perfect mid meal snack. “Trim” is a good alternative for those not wishing to pile on the pounds and still thirsty for a drink enriched with the goodness of kale with cucumber, green apple, etc. “Power Punch” possesses the immune building properties of beet, carrots with a host of herbs, and did u know beetroots are aphrodisiacal too?

The only thing missing on the menu is dessert and I wish they come up with some healthy sweet options soon. Till then to get healthy and fit, try Rawleaf soon.