Sublym Bar and Kitchen- Review

Sublym bar and kitchen is located in the Sector 29 market and a digression from the other noisy and packed places in the neighbourhood. The interiors are done in muted shades of white and grey which imparts a sophisticated look. There’s a pretty alfresco area in the form of a terrace which again is done in white with potted greens dotting the space and lending an air of freshness.The place is the brainchild of Sanjanaa Gera who’s been associated with the food industry for a very long time.She’s been catering to a huge corporate clientele for over 20 years and hence one can be assured of some great tasting food here.

We started off with Paneer Sublym Tikkas which were melt in the mouth soft . Next arrived another kickass starter,Dahi ke kebab, which was coated with crushed papad imparting a delicious crunch to these succulent babies. Mushroom Galoutis followed thereafter, served with ulte tawe ke parathe . The galoutis were so delicately crumbly that it was relished even by the carnivores. The menu also boasts of some oriental fare out of which I tried the spinach,bokchoy and corn Dimsum, the crunchy mix encased in a soft covering are a delight for the senses. However, the forte here is Indian cuisine, it just blew my mind away. 

The Chana Pindi  was authentic,  deep rich dark colour, use of fresh spices and the flavours leave one wanting more and more. What I also highly recommend is the Dal Makhani ,which  is simmered for hours and what arriveson the table is a winner of a dish.Rich, creamy, buttery, every spoonful is a cannon ball of flavours.  As far as Indian fare goes, Sublym serves the best in town.

For dessert I had a simple Carrot cake with cinnamon streusel which was decadent and a great end to the meal. If you are craving for good quality food in tranquil surroundings then just book a table at sunblym right away!