#Unusuals by W for Woman

 W for woman showcased its spring summer 2016 collection which due to its quirky, defiant elements lives-upto the label of #Unusuals. The new range refreshingly incorporates everyday India with a wearable twist. The Indian motifs and influences on western silhouettes render an interesting Indo western combination and exemplify Fusion. Infact this is exactly what needs to be done to ensure Indian clothes are worn by more and more urban women. The fabrics are natural, cotton, breezy, anything that spells summer and comfort.

What captured my imagination was these highly versatile kurtas which can also be worn as dresses. The Artsy line draws its inspiration from everything Indian -monuments, birds and even elephants, all this on bold vibrant colour blocks which ensure you will stand out in a crowd. If layering rocks your boat just try the Gilets in varying lengths and muted tones which really complement the vibrancy of the otherwise spectacularly colourful collection.The Geo matrix collection gets its inspiration from the lines and arcs of geometry and is something to watch out for.The pants are another interesting aspect, culottes (which are so summery), cropped pants, anything you need to create your own #unusuals look. What’s interesting about the collection is that they can be broken down into several components,each component good even on its own while at the same time complementing each other.

My personal favourite is definitely the Stiletto Kurtas, it magically took off 5 kilos from my frame and   radiated elegance. The #Unusuals collection is not for the followers who merely confirm to the conventional,but for the modern woman who is confident about herself, defies the norm and believes in creating her own destiny.