10 traits of a number 6 person

Number 6 is ruled by Venus which is the planet of beauty, luxury and harmony. Number 6 pertains to those  born on the 6th, 15th and 24th of any month and here are some common  characteristics ;

1. Empathy is one quality found in abundance in number 6 people and that makes the men knights in shining armour & the women nurturers. Want to settle a dispute?  Find a number 6 to mediate. Being fair and just comes to them naturally. If used for personal gain though, this may lead to manipulation. Is it any wonder that one of the most popular ambassadors of peace and equality the Dalai Lama is a number 6.

2.According to numerology, they are the most beautiful people on the planet. This number is ruled by Venus which is the lord of beauty that endows them with oodles of charm. No wonder many successful models, TV and Hollywood personalities are number six- Nigella Lawson, Helen Hunt, George Clooney and Petra Nemcova to name a few.

3. Venus’ influence blesses them with a sense of balance. They desire harmony in every aspect of life whether spiritual, physical or even material. Beauty, refinement, luxury is what an ecosystem of a number 6 will consist of. Their homes will appear straight out of the architectural digest with its drapes, luxe upholstery and that opulent Persian rug. Their wardrobe- expect the best brands stacked neatly in an enormous cabinet.

4. They are blessed with an artistic bent- and easily excel in music, dance, and most forms of art. No wonder that Leonardo da Vinci was a number 6.

5. Generosity is a virtue though that translates into them being spendthrifts very often. Money comes easily to a number 6 and may frequently be spent on unnecessary luxurious items.

6. Can be fiercely competitive and even envious of others. They push their boundaries and refuse to be limited by anything which makes them win at most things.

7. A  propensity to indulge in all things nice may make them gain a few pounds here and there- so if you have the tendencies, cutting down on the wine, dairy and sweets is a very good idea.

8. These are the “mush people”. That die hard romantic who believes in love at first sight, will satisfy every mushy desire of yours.  Expect a romantic getaway to a picturesque island, candle light dinner on a rooftop restaurant that overlooks the skyline or just the two of you away from the world in a log cabin.

9. They are blessed with an innate sense of business and succeed in entrepreneurial ventures.  Steve jobs revolutionised the technological canvas of the world and Arianna Huffington did the same in the world of media.

10. Being well mannered and polite is second nature to a number 6. As I sum up the qualities, it appears as if the Gods conspired to bestow them with the most desirable qualities.
What makes number 6 tick;
Lucky number-6
Lucky day- Wednesday, Friday
Lucky stone- Diamond
lucky colour-White

Health-Susceptible to weight gain and related issues


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