Chettinad Festival at Crowne Plaza Gurgaon

Chettinad cuisine is probably the most popular sub regional form in the country.  Tracing its roots to the trading community of Chettiars  this cuisine is a characterized by the use of aromatic and pungent spices that lend complexity to  the food.

This celebrated cuisine can be relished by the residents of the millennium city from the 11th – 20th of this month at the Crowne Plaza Gurgaon. I had the privilege of savouring the fare on the very 1st day and was impressed. The soup of the day was which is a lentil soup generously flavoured with Curry leaves and set us in the mood for the rest of the feast. Starters were  two types of vadas. I especially loved the crispy one made with raw bananas For the main course I had okra (Kal Kari Mandi) which was cooked with black eyed peas in a  tangy tamarind gravy. Boring bottle gourd was transformed into something yummy by virtue of being cooked in a  lentil and coconut milk base. Urlakhizangu Kurmah was a Chettinad version of Dum aloo which were cooked in a nutty, refreshing cashew and coconut flavoured gravy. The best part about the spread was that no two dishes tasted the same. Each one of them had its own unique flavour . Chef Sam Kupar who has been with the Dakshin for around 3 years managed this difficult feat and left the guests asking for more. For the carnivores the spread is even bigger and I saw guest helping themselves to the lamb shanks which were apparently extraordinarily awesome.

The dessert was Parippu  Payasam and I enjoyed this rustic, authentic fare  which was creamy and so rich. With only a week left for the festival to conclude make sure you reserve your table soon.

Where – Crowne Plaza Gurgaon, Sec 29.